I have been sick for the past week with the flu. Like staying-at-home-sleeping-in-my-lovesac sick. Stuart has done a pretty fantastic job taking care of me but it's still been pretty miserable. The only reason I think that I am getting better is because I woke up and immediately wanted to spray everything with Lysol and throw everything I've touched in the washing machine. Here is to a healthy April!



Stuart and I are in Arizona for the weekend. 80 degree weather. I could not be happier.


American Idol Addict

I am so happy that Megan Corkrey made it through!! She is by far my favorite this season! Note: My last 2 posts have been about reality tv... something is wrong there I think.


Bachelor Fury

I am so mad about "The Bachelor"! That's all.

I found...

...this picture when I was cleaning out my pictures on my camera yesterday. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten about it because I practically forced the two of them (Stuart and his Dad, Scott) to take this picture before they left to snowboard/ski for the day. We went up to Park City for the weekend about a month ago to hang out with Scott & Abby who were in town. Anyway, I liked it so I thought I would post it :)