Letters to Juliet

I want to see this movie SO bad! It doesn't come out until May 2010. Until then, I will enjoy the trailer.


Law School Finals

This is the most recent photo I have of Stuart (taken at Thanksgiving at my parents' house...with an injured knee from that morning's football escapades...delirious and drugged because I slipped him Tylenol PM to make him "sleep it off") and the most accurate depiction of his current state.

He has been studying like a maniac. I've barely seen him except to make sure he is eating enough. And right now he is in his first final of Law School. I know, Saturday morning, what??? Then he has one on Monday morning, Wednesday morning, and Friday morning of this coming week. I know he'll do well, but my stomach still has butterflies in it since last night when I went to bed. Ugh.


I Wish...

... that I had the energy to wrap all of our presents this pretty. I found the pic on one of my favorite blogs.

this is actually what I do.

I got the idea from Real Simple a few years back. I thought it was so classic and pretty to have white paper and red ribbon. Just gets a little boring. I'm loving all the colors in the first picture.


The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney With Care

This year I decided against buying a Christmas tree. We are going home for 2 weeks at Christmas so I didn't feel like it was worth the hassle of hauling it up 3 flights of stairs to enjoy it for such a short time and then have to take it back down again. No thanks! (Even though, technically, I would be doing hardly any of the lifting-Stuart is a pack mule.) Anyway, please enjoy my Christmas "Tree" Wreath hanging on our circa 1995-esque fireplace. I will be putting our presents underneath it this year.

While You Wait for Paint to Dry...

...You do other projects. I was inspired by this some time ago on a blog somewhere... I'm bad at remembering who to give the credit to.

and so I did my own.

I told you. My life has been consumed.

The Project: Waiting for Paint to Dry. Seriously.

Some may know, others probably not, but this project has been consuming my life for the last month and a half. I started just before Halloween, and I finally finished 2 days ago. The complex we live in does not allow us to paint the walls and so we live in a matte white walled-khaki carpeted-college dorm room-of an apartment. I decided to liven it up with color by painting my dining table and chairs. Definitely an undertaking. I had everything covered in plastic and we were eating Indian style on the floor for a little while, but now I'm done! I think they'll make a fantastic playroom table and chairs when we move to our "real" house. Someday... Until then, we're happy in our apartment.