The First Father's Day of Many

Just love these two. And clearly they love each other! Happy First Father's Day Stuart!


Baby Laugh


We got home from church (he did not have a morning nap and he was SO tired) and for some reason Stuart started making this funny noise at him and he thought it was HILARIOUS! I am so glad I thought to grab my camera. This goes on for 3 minutes, actually, but because I grabbed the HD camera I had to trim it so that it would actually upload. I could listen to this giggle for hours.


Our Little Man Lately

I seem to always have an excuse as to why I am not blogging, but I have a really good one this time.

Really though. It. Is. A. Problem. I have to make sure that I have at least a half hour before I go on there because I just get swallowed up in looking at all the amazing images and ideas.

The real reason though is that we have been packing up to move... then we moved... then we had to unpack. Ugh. Did you know that I have moved every summer for the last four years. I'm done.

How cute is he? He loves the swings...and his hat. I love his smile...and his cheeks...and his giggle... and, well this could go on for days.

My baby is almost 9 months old. Wow. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Here are some more pictures!

Reading with Dad. I promise this is not staged, he grabbed his book and took a seat next to Stuart. It was so cute!

He may have been slightly ignored while we were packing. Don't judge me.

Just checkin out the new place. He doesn't seem too thrilled.

He could play with his reflection for hours. It's hilarious.

Love him.

Remember When

So in San Diego I painted my table and chairs and they looked like this.

I LOVED them because I wasn't allowed to do anything to our apartment and it was stark white but in the San Diego humidity the paint never fully dried. I knew when we moved to AZ that I would have to re-do them and stripping the red paint off of this table was a full on nightmare but thanks (in large part) to my parents I figured it out and got it re-painted. Here is the finished product.

Love. Love. LOVE. If you can't really tell, the legs are a grey-blue. I'm so glad it is dry, I don't think I would have the energy to do it all over again!