Dear Sun, Are You Here To Stay?

So these pictures are of the street in front of our house this last Thursday and with Stuart clearing the car of the FOOT AND A HALF of snow... then today was absolutely gorgeous! Spring in Utah is confusing to me and I would really like it if the sun stayed here for the rest of forever. This is my plea.


Thanks Mom!

For the last 5 years I've hardly been home to Mesa, AZ during springtime to smell my favorite scent in the WHOLE WORLD... orange blossoms. We went home last month for a wedding but only for a day, so I felt a little bit jipped (spell?). Anyway, my mom sent me a Gold Canyon Candle (best candles in the world) in the Orange Blossom scent and I'm so grateful! It smells just like the real thing and it's like a little piece of home in my kitchen. I am loving it!


Cupcake Sunday

Kate and I looked through one of my cute dessert cookbooks (a gift courtesy of Lauren Jones Spencer via my bridal shower a year ago, cutest book ever!) a few weeks ago and decided we wanted to make these treats. For some reason every time we've done this we pick something that ends up being a little bit complicated, but in the end it's totally worth it! These were aMaZiNg!


I Was So Wrong

I don't really like to admit being wrong, but I am so glad that Megan girl is gone off of A.I. She was my favorite after she sang "Put Your Records On" a few weeks ago but since then she has been bugging me SO much. She's so strange. However, Lady Gaga performed and she's also really strange... maybe that's the new trend, strange artists (they'd probably rather be termed 'misunderstood artists'), and I'm just not keeping up. Oh well.