It's a bird. It's a plane. No it's SUPERMAN!

Be still my heart. Cutest Superman ever. Goes for both of my boys-since I had two Superman's this year. We'll call Jack Superboy. I went as "Lois Lane". Really I just wore my dress and called it a damsel in distress. Works for me!
Don't you just want to squish him?

PLANE!!!! This kid is obsessed with airplanes. Obsessed I tell you. Speaking of which, are you watching "Pan Am"? Because I am and I love it. I had to replace "Brothers & Sisters" (seriously shed a tear-I loved that show) with something and this is great because it is right after "Desperate Housewives" just like "Brothers & Sisters" was.  Love.

Oh, I look tired? 12 o'clock church=no nap on Sundays for Mr. Jack (because he will not fall asleep anywhere but his bed). Yes. I am tired.

Not even in focus. But the joy on his face is PRICELESS.


Pumpkin Patch

It's still 90 degrees+ here in Arizona but I just don't care anymore. I am going to wear jeans and 3/4 length shirts and go to a pumpkin patch if I feel like it (because in all honesty if I have to wear another shirt again that I have worn approximately 1 million times this last summer already, I might die. Next summer is going to come around and I may still be iffy about whether or not I want to wear those clothes again-if ever). I wanted a picture of Jack with his first pumpkin in a pumpkin patch. Call me crazy, but we all have our things, and this is one of mine. I really miss Fall in Utah right now. I miss seasons in general. All I want is to be able to wear a scarf and boots-is that so much to ask for? Anyway, here are my much sought after pictures from the patch.

He really didn't understand. His faces and voice were priceless "huh?"

I've been trying to be better about being in pictures with him. We'll see how long this goal of mine lasts.

Does your husband get in your face with the camera every time he gets his hands on it? Mine does. This is the look I usually give and is generally accompanied by a sigh of exasperation-you can't see my eyes, but notice the eyebrows? Raised. Very Raised.


Vegas Weekend

Well my baby turned ONE and I was in great need of a weekend alone with my husband. It was fantastic. I did not want to worry about schedules.naptime.deciding what to feed him.being the entertainment director.getting drenched at bathtime-just for 2 days so that I could get some sanity back. In case you didn't know: one year olds get into everything. You already knew that? First time mom here. Now I know. I am still working full time while Stuart finishes up Law School at ASU and I was just kinda pulling my hair out-and getting into NOTHING arguments and imposing lots of silent treatments on Stuart over NOTHING. It was definitely time for a vacation. You may think that I am talking big being able to leave my baby alone for the FIRST time overnight for 2 nights in a row... but it came right down to dropping him off at my in-laws and as soon as we got in the car to leave I started bawling because he was waving bye-bye to me so so cute. But I powered through-allowed myself 2 phone calls a day to check on him-and went to Vegas to visit friends, shop, sleep in, see a show, sift through vintage, eat YUMMY food, and sleep some more. It was good. And I am positive that I am more pleasant to be around and definitely have all my mommy batteries charged full. We are still in debates about whether or not BINGO is gambling... I felt like we were paying to play a game like you pay to go bowling but I suppose bowling doesn't necessarily have a cash prize handed to you if you get a strike. Either way, I don't care. I just liked hanging out with Brian and Ashton (how did we not get a picture? Seriously?). It was a good weekend and the most ironic part is how for the last 2 hours of our drive back I was beside myself with excitement just wanting to hold Jack and kiss his cheeks. He is my world after all.
On the way we stopped in Kingman, AZ where there are so many Antique stores. Like my no make-up look? Yeah, me too.

We went to "The Capital Grill" with our friends Billy and Carolyn. So so yummy.

Of course we watched a Bellagio fountain show. It was to " God Bless the USA". I got goosebumps.

So AMAZING!! I would see it again and recommend it to anyone.

My Spoils. The other bowls in the yellow set are on their way to my house... the dot bowl set is too. What can I say. I just loved them.

Vintage Blue Mason Jars. I already had a smaller jar (no lid) and I am so excited to make them my spring centerpiece for my table. Really though I can wait-I want Fall/Winter to last a good long while.

Yes. I finally bought the REVA flats I have been wanting for years. I love them.

Like I said, the best part was coming home to this munchkin. This was Sunday morning the day after we got home and it was like all his toys were new again. LOVE THAT.  

While we were gone he learned to open doors. That's a really fun development. My phone is being kept out of reach for fear that it will suffer death-by-drowning in my toilet. Also, he has re-discovered the toilet paper roll because of this new trick. For a while there that problem lay dormant because I would just close the door. I (read Stuart) need to do some child proofing.


Fall Decor

Since it happens to FINALLY be an acceptable temperature (75F) for Fall weather in Arizona I put up my decorations today during nap time.

I bought some burlap for a table runner and orange berries at Hobby Lobby this morning {Fall Sale is going on now, if you want something there I suggest you go!} and I think it came together nicely. Good thing I don't care about eating candy corn-it serves as a nice decoration!

After a few moves my poor Fall wreath was looking a little weathered and lopsided but I think I fixed it for the most part-oh well!

I scattered all of my pumpkins (it seems to be a growing collection) on our bookshelf-I'm still trying to find the perfect piece to re-do or the perfect piece to buy for a "runner/sofa" table to sit under our family picture and actually house my decorations. I definitely need one by Christmas. Otherwise I have no idea where I will put my nativity!

I whipped this up today too. I wanted something simple since it's up high.  I like it.

Also, I think it is in a high enough resolution that if you click on it you will be able to save it and print one for yourself. :)


Miracle Worker

Clinique is seriously a miracle worker. My skin had a minor freak out last month that left a bunch of red spots on my jawline and thanks to this stuff they are almost gone. So faded. Thought I'd share the good news and tell everyone who cares to go out and get some for yourself!