I Have A Pretty Cute Husband...

I came home from work Friday and my super adorable husband decided that he needed to buy me flowers (pictured) and make me smile and take me on a date. Well it worked and I was definitely all smiles when I got home. He even let me pick the place, so off to Zupas we went (where , bonus!, I got to see my cute pregnant friend Jenna and her husband Andrew). I love date nights and I really love Stuart!


Derek and Meredith Forever

Grey's Anatomy starts tomorrow and I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight... I don't care if that sounds pathetic, I'm that excited!!! All I'm saying is, Derek and Meredith better get married this season or I'll scream! I'm sorta sick of her being "dark and twisty with mommy issues"...


Some Party

Ok, so I'm getting yelled at for not posting very often, but I really feel like I have nothing to blog about recently!! However, here's a story for you. I was at work on Friday with the other 2 girls in my office (also twenty-something's) when in the middle of the day a woman (a late thirty-something) who works at one of our branch offices came in for a reimbursement check. She then informed us that she was having a "botox party" the next day and her reimbursement money was going towards the food and drinks for it, would we all like to come? I was immediately inside my own head: "Do I need botox?? I know I like to be tan in the summer time, but I put sunscreen on my face everyday! Do I look years older than I am??" I think that because all of us weren't really saying anything when she invited us she piped up and said, "you really should just come in and do a preventive session for your forehead wrinkles." WHAT??? So basically for this whole last weekend I have been freaking out that maybe I have wrinkles and that I am aging prematurely and wondering about which anti-wrinkle cream I should buy. I'm leaning towards Clinique's "Repairwear Intensive Night Cream." After all, it's an award winner apparently. I really didn't think I was going to have to worry about this just yet. Oh well, now I'm panicked.