You know when you're so busy you can't even think straight? That is what November has been like for me. But I am just loving all of my friends' "Thankful" posts and so here is a portion of my list (in no particular order-putting these in order seems ridiculous/stressful) it's amazing how once you get going listing what you are thankful for, you could just go on and on.

1. Stuart. There are not enough words for how much I am thankful for Stuart.
2. Jackson. Ditto number 1.
3. Dry Shampoo and Flower Bomb
4. Jack's little clothes-they are so cute and perfect
5. Reading time
6. Girls Nights
7. Date Nights
8. Netflix
9. Good Friends
10. Online Bill Pay
11. My Camera(s)-iPhone, Canon Point & Shoot, DSLR
12. Scarves. Infinity scarves.
13. Baby Laughs
14. When Jackson falls asleep in the car-rare occurrence-so precious!
15. Jackson telling me stories and babbling, the whole time thinking that I understand every word.
16. Music
17. My MacBookPro
18. AMAZING Family
19. Weekends
20. Shopping
21. Homemade bread
22. The Gym
23. Pinterest. And the time it sucks out of me.
24. My Faith
25. OPI Drying drops. Try them. Thank me later.
26. Essential Oils. (Thank you Jenna.)
27. My freezer
28. Browned Butter Hawaiian Cookies. (if you want this recipe tell me and I will send it to you, for some reason I can't find my link)
29. TV: Modern Family. Pan Am. Once Upon A Time. Desperate Housewives. Happy Endings. Grey's Anatomy.
30. J.Crew Perfect Fit T's and Hanes White V-Necks
31. My Family's health. So grateful for this one this year.
32. Baggu Grocery Shopping Bags. The best ever.
33. Clarisonic Mia.
34. Sitting on the couch with Stuart at the end of a long day.
35. Traveling
36. Willing grandparents to babysit
37. My job
38. Stuart almost being done with Law School
39. Cooking
40. Prayer 

Also, I am thankful that every time my baby wakes up in the morning or from a nap-these are the sweet sounds I hear. I'm just so thankful he wakes up happy.

Quick Update

I posted several videos of Jack below but here are some picture updates for us as well!

We are off to Deming, NM for Thanksgiving and of course Jackson needed boots for the occasion.

We have recently discovered our tongue. We stick it out a lot.

We've also recently discovered that we are funny.

In a word? Love.

We love our shoes.

We love our books.

Scratch that, we REALLY love our books. And get REALLY mad if mommy is making dinner and does not read them to us immediately!!!

In another word? Love. Again.

Chick-Fil-A milkshakes. Where have you been all my life? For real.

We really REALLY love the swings.

Just one of several projects I have going. This little gem is going in Jack's room as soon as everything else I want to hang is here/ready. I don't want to go in there with the hammer more than once. No thank you.

Videos of Jack

Well this last week I received 2 requests from my sisters (not to mention the friends who hound me about this as well who shall remain nameless...) to update my blog so that they could get their fix of Jackson. I guess it HAS been 20 days since my last post and their requests are very justified.

My sister's text message read like this, "Dear Morgan, Please update your blog with the everyday occurrences in your life. Sincerely, Your Sister". And my SIL's email said "ok hello, where is that video you said you were going to put on your blog. I check it daily and nothing is changing. no bueno!!! i need my jack fix!"

Soooo these are very "everyday" and if you are not as obsessed with Jackson as I am (or as obsessed with him as his aunts)... you might get bored. You've been fairly warned. But seriously, how adorable is he? Yeah. Pretty Adorable.

These are videos that have been taken over the last several weeks. And he really does just crack me up all the time. Oh, and can you tell I like those pants on him? I wash them like twice a week. A million pairs of pants and these are the ones I just love on him. Can't help it.

Love him.