Week 27

I've never measured my life in weeks before... but now reality is starting to hit. I only have 13 (possibly a few less) more weeks of this. Then I'm a mom. With major responsibilities. Whoa. Note to self: Maybe I better start purchasing baby gear. I think it's time.

It really hit me in the last few days because when I am sitting on the couch and I feel baby boy move... I also SEE him move. (Yes yes I knew this was going to happen, but I'm a first timer, it was crazy!) It's like my stomach is a water bed or something. Really freaked me out the first time it happened, and now I look forward to it. Even though it is making me stay up late because he likes to be most active at about 11pm... and that's usually the time I like to go to bed. Figures. I have had zero appetite for the last week and a half, which I find a little weird, but oh well.

Stuart likes to talk really loud directly at my tummy and baby responds to this every time. He thinks it is because the baby knows his voice now. I think that baby has a heart attack every time this happens. Poor child!


Mexico 2010

Back to Paradise. I just love that we get to go and relax with Stuart's family and have so much fun. We got a little sunburned. We ate yummy Mexican food, drank lots of Coca Lite (Stuart), and ate several pints of Haagen Daas chocolate ice cream. That sounds like all we did was eat... yikes. Hunger Games/Catching Fire took hold of everyone on the trip (Except for me and Scott). I decided that I'm going to wait until July when the third one comes out, then I will decide to go missing for a few days and read them all. Stuart read the first one in 5 hours and the 2nd one in about the same amount of time. Everyone was freaking out the whole time and asking each other "where are you at???" I was afraid to be a zombie so I resisted. Thank you so much for the wonderful trip! There's no way to really describe it :)

I just love that he is sticking his tongue out at me.

Not many photos of me... but that should not be too much of a surprise! :)

25 Weeks

We went to Mexico this last week with the Peterson clan and I had Stuart take my 25 week picture in front of the blue doors I love so much :)

All in all, feeling great. Baby boy moves a lot and I feel like I am drinking five gallons of water a day!


We have been in and out of town over the past few weeks so I am going to try and catch up.

Stuart's little sister, Stephanie, graduated from high school at the end of May so we headed over to AZ to surprise her and Stuart's mom. I don't have any pictures of us with the graduate, I still need to steal those from Abby!

When we head back to our high school stomping grounds we tend to run into people and I ran into my bff from high school. Rachel (and Brett) is due with her first baby just a few weeks after Stuart and I!

The same weekend we went with my parents to the Mesa Temple (and ran into more people we know).