I may have made these cookies with Kate tonight... I may have eaten a few... I may have gained 20 pounds.

(Recipe is from the book above "Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey". I do not recommend buying the book if you like to eat healthy. I will, however, give you the recipe if you would like it. Let me know.)

*I realize that this is post 2 for the day... don't expect this very often. I'm not very good at being a consistent "blogger".

Montana Trip... A Little Late

I didn't have a working camera battery on this trip and so I had my mom send the ones from hers. I just got them yesterday and here are the highlights. We did a lot of hiking and took a 23 mile bike ride down AND up the Hiawatha Trail on the border of Idaho and Montana. It is absolutely gorgeous up there and it was so awesome that my mom (who just had back surgery last November) finished the whole trek! The bike ride was her idea so I don't want anyone to think that we forced such a journey upon her, she loved it and it really was great to see her finish with zero problems.

The raging river behind us is only supposed to be a small creek but the run-off has increased all the creeks and rivers to 5x their normal sizes. It was so loud that we had to kind of yell to talk to each other.

Lunch Break

Nearing the end of the ride.

The last leg is through a 2 mile tunnel that is so dark you have to use a flashlight and it gets down to 40 degrees. It gives a lot more meaning to "the light at the end of the tunnel" because your hands are numb and you just want to get back out in the sun.

Such a fun trip! Hopefully we'll be able to take a break next summer and go back :)


Never Gonna Happen

I want this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress...

...however, thanks to the $428 price tag... it's just a dream.


Mexican Getaway

We are back, tan, and possibly a few pounds heavier from our awesome vacation in Mexico and it was so much fun to be away (we are both free of swine flu). It was great to be together with Stuart's family relaxing by the pool drinking smoothies, playing games, and watching movies. We definitely did not want to come back!

So excited as we were getting off of the plane.

Gorgeous front view of the house...

Back view...

I loved the blue front doors!

Local wildlife.

Relaxing in the palapa (gazebo).

Loving the pool rafts.

Hopefully we can go back someday. I already miss it.



I've been a Clinique girl my entire make-up wearing life and I feel like it's been a pretty great make-up/skin-care companion, however, when the 2 hottest months of summer hit I always feel like it doesn't look as great as it could, maybe even a little "cakey". I tried BareMinerals at Nordstrom yesterday and I'm converted. I don't want to sound like an info-mercial but I really do feel like it changed my skin over night. It's c-r-a-z-y. Love it. I'm sure I'll still use Clinique on occasion, but I'm not nervous for those 2 months of summer now.


3 Days...

I'm not very good at "blogging" lately. We have done some fun things like go to Montana for a vacation with my family and I have pictures to prove it, however, thanks to my camera battery going dead in a matter of seconds lately... they are all on my mom's and sister's cameras. So I will post them when I get them. Promise. Until then, here is a picture of the beautiful Montana wilderness.

On another note, in 3 days we are going to Puerto Vallarta with Stuart's family... I'm so happy that I will be able to lie (lay?) in the sun and relax. Here is a picture to get me even more excited and possibly make the last 15 minutes of work go faster! (Warning: possible jealousy may occur.)

Note to self: replace camera battery immediately so that I can post my own pictures of the vacation and not get them from google images(dot)com.


Dance Dance Dance

I love summer time. It means that SYTYCD is on!! Can I just say how much I love Tabitha and Napoleon? Ok, I LOVE THEM! Their first dance was awesome! I think I like these people:

Caitlin and Ashley

Kayla and Randi

There are no boys. Why? Because Twitch was last season. I'm not totally impressed by anyone else yet.