Disneyland/San Diego

This last week was Stuart's LAST SPRING BREAK EVER in school so we decided to take Jack to Disneyland for his first time and spend a few days in San Diego while we were at it. To say Jack loved Disneyland is a complete understatement. It was the best thing to see how much fun he was having. Plus he saw his hero, Buzz Lightyear, in life-size. There is nothing better.

Classic front of Disney picture. I wish the man who took it for us didn't move up so close to us!
The first few rides in California Adventure he was not too sure what we were doing. Notice his expression. He got the hang of it pretty quickly though!

The new Toy Story Ride is seriously so fun. Our favorite of the day by far. And Jack's as you can tell.

Surprisingly enough, Jackson kept the 3D glasses on for the entire thing.
Back at Disney, he met his hero from afar. He was completely awestruck.

The only thing that scared him the whole day was when Mickey got right up in his face to kiss him. He did not appreciate that.
He really liked to hold the map and pretend to read it. Also, while waiting in lines he would totally perform. This was while we were waiting in line for Pirates of the Carribean. I thought that maybe it might be a little scary but at the end he was saying "Again! Again!"

Of course he had to "drive" the cars in Toon Town.
Fully passed out while waiting in line for Peter Pan's Flight... and then slept through the whole ride. Tired baby.
Yes. I insisted that we buy him the $7 (!!!!!) balloon. It kept him busy while we walked around/waited for the parade.

I couldn't get him to look at me during the parade. He liked it too much.
Loved Dumbo.
Carousel. They are his favorite no matter where we go.
Munchkin's first Disneyland Churro. It was a hit.

The rest of our time we spent down in San Diego. We stayed with Stuart's Aunt and Uncle at their home in Encinitas. It's so awesome to have family that live in such a beautiful place!
This was when we went to Pipes for breakfast. Oh my gosh those pancakes were enormous and Jackson and I definitely did not finish them. We ate at a few other favorite places including: Phil's BBQ and Bruno's Pizza. Sometimes I miss living there because of all the yummy places to go eat.
We stopped in La Jolla to see the seals on our way down to have lunch with the Turley's
If ever you get the chance to eat here. Get a milkshake. You'll thank me.
So worn out from our trip. I cannot wait to take him again!


Massive Update in Pictures

It's been a while since I last updated (understatement) so here is the last month and half in quick picture update. And as I look through them, ALL are phone pics. Sad! Sidenote: this is our family journal... you'd think I would try harder to keep up with it.

We became OBSESSED with our cowboy boots and met Jack's new girlfriend, Nelly Neilsen. Such a cutie pie.

Had a quiet Valentine's Day and a few weeks later we went to see WICKED.

Learned to cook. Learned to milk a cow at the zoo. And learned to give glares and throw fantastic fits when we do not get our way.

Got his first fat lip tumbling down some stairs at the park and face-planting in the sand at the bottom. I am so so grateful he did not bite through his lip. Learning to love coloring-not always on paper. I have learned to love my magic erasers. Planking-really there are no words for this. He started trying to figure out the best way to climb up on the couch and this is what he came up with. Imitating Daddy in EVERYTHING he does.

There are no words for how much he loves Buzz Lightyear. He is MESMERIZED the second any of the Toy Story Movies come on. Also, had another round of Croup. I hate croup. And Asthma. With passion.

We still love swings. And we graduated to a booster seat (only at dinner time-so much easier to stick him in the highchair for breakfast and lunch)!!
Got to see friends after much much much too long of a space in between visits. Isn't Jude to die for? That smile is amazing.

Learned that "BUBBLLEEEZZZZZZZZZ" are really fun. Had his first Oreo when he turned 18 months-and he took it apart to eat the cream!! Seriously, where did he pick that up? Neither of us (Stuart & I) do that! Love Nana & Papa's Desert Tortoises, George and Gracie. Keep getting cuter and cuter.
 Jackson is my little buddy and has definitely come into his personality lately. He is a parrot and mimics me all day long. My favorite words that he says right now are: please, buzz, again, bubbles, bath, shoes, boots and all of the animal sounds he makes when I ask him what a specific animal says. It's so cute.

We're off to Disneyland/San Diego on Wednesday for Stuart's Spring Break (can you believe he is graduating in May? I can't!) and I plan to take my "real" camera. Maybe I'll set the phone aside for a few minutes to actually take some good ones!