Man in the Mirror

Someone has discovered his reflection. And LOVES it!

Sometimes he will have full on conversations with himself and it makes me laugh so hard.



I wandered onto this site today and now all I want to do is bake hundreds of cupcakes and use these cute liners! I really do think I am going to buy some and put them in my stocking from SantaStuart. Seriously.



Stuart is studying for finals, so Mister and I are hanging out watching "When in Rome", catching up on our favorite websites/blogs and coming up with Christmas wish-lists.

I. Just. Can't. Get. Enough. Of. Him.


November Catch-Up

You're probably noticing that I have not made this blog private yet... I'm thinking about holding off since I got so many requests and you're only allowed 100 and I feel bad leaving anybody out!! So I am just not going to use J-baby's name and I guess if anything strange happens, I have all of your info :)

J has been so fun. I can't believe he is almost 3 months old! Here is our November catch-up!

Kristen came into town and so we went to lunch with her and Carli (they were best friends with Stuart in high school) and their babies at Tia Rosa's. They're all so cute!

Sadly this is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving. But it is fitting. Stuart had just gotten back from playing football in the morning with his friends and took a morning nap with the baby. Thanksgiving and naps go hand-in-hand, right?

Random of my parents and J. He never gets put down at their house!

Little mister is 95th percentile for height and weight at 2 months (25 inches, 14lbs14oz)... I'm sure you're seeing that here in all of his "Michelin Man" glory.

Most importantly, baby boy had his blessing this past Sunday. It was so sweet and special. I, of course, cried and was so grateful that so much of our family could be there.

In other news, we are now starting to take daily walks. It's a little chilly outside (not like Utah or anything-but still) so he is dressed accordingly. I'm considering getting him gloves :)


Had to Happen

Well folks, you can google search our baby now and he appears. No thanks. Looks like we're going private. (I know I don't post a lot but I will try harder I promise!) You know the drill. Leave me your email if you want to keep reading about us and our SUPER EXCITING lives :) If you don't want to leave your email in a comment, email me at morganjeanpeterson (at) gmail (dot) com and I will add you!!!


So I guess it really does happen... you have a baby and your blog is then dominated by them! (sorry) Jackson is 7 weeks old!! What? How did that happen? Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. For those of you who have been asking, I'm sorry it has taken so long to post new ones. I have been busy-I decided this week to implement "Babywise" into our lives and I have a hard time listening to the little mister cry it out at nap time... I just sit there and close my eyes waiting for it to stop. It kills me! Especially since it's my fault for rocking him to sleep since he was born. I'm going to try not to feel too guilty though because I loved every minute of doing that. Anyway, the next few weeks are going to be rough I'm sure, but he's still so much fun.

5 1/2 weeks. Playing with Grandpa.

Family reunion for my dad's side. This WAS Jackson's Halloween costume but over the next week he grew out of it and I didn't buy him a new one. I'm considering these his Halloween pictures.

First time to church for Jackson at 6 weeks. Napping with Dad. Watching football with Dad on Sunday morning.

"Nana's Halloween Party" Jackson is "too cool" to dress up for Halloween apparently. Such a mean mom not buying him a new costume. Oh well. I can't keep up. My child is already out of 0-3 month clothes and he's only 7 weeks! Next year we'll really amp it up. The "donut-on-a-string" game was hilarious as I'm sure you can imagine. Such a fun tradition :)

Other "lately" items: Stuart studies like a maniac and we are loving being close to family with our new addition. We can't wait for Thanksgiving so that Jackson can meet his other 3 aunts :)


Jackson's Newborns

I had this nice girl do J's newborn pictures when he was 10 days old and they turned out really cute. I just got them back from her so I wanted to post a few. My ABSOLUTE favorites aren't on here because I want to send them out as his baby announcement but all of them are so darling. Thanks Amanda!!


Back in Time

Before J came and took over our lives, I had some really great baby showers. The one in San Diego was thrown by my friend, Kassidi, and the one here in Mesa was thrown by my sister-in-law, Sarah. Before I completely forget I wanted to post the pictures.

I miss our San Diego friends so much!

Both of the showers had mini cupcakes... I loved it!

Both of the showers were so cute. Thank you so much!


Our Baby is 2 Weeks Old!

Here are some pictures of the last 2 weeks... Be warned that I am learning how to use my camera still, so the image quality is not always the best.

I just love his chubby cheeks!

He had his 2 week appt today and he has already grown an inch. The phrase "they grow up so fast" really does apply and I don't want it to!

5 Days Old

10 Days Old

11 Days Old

This is how he sleeps (I put him in pajamas do not worry. This was just too cute.). He refuses to be swaddled.

2 Weeks Old


Jackson Scott Peterson

Born: Sunday, September 12, 2010, 3:17pm, 9lbs 13oz 22in
*Short & Sweet Details: My water broke at 3am on Sunday morning... we went to the hospital... and he came 12 hours later :)

3 days old

He was born on the first Sunday of football season (which apparently means something) and the entire time I was in labor we had pre-game shows and football games and half-time shows to watch. I pretty much slept through all of my labor though, thanks to the epidural, so I don't really remember all of that. Just evidence of the games on my camera that I just looked at today! I have no idea what I am doing and nothing I've done in my life could have possibly prepared me for this I don't think. But we just love him to pieces!



There are no pictures. Sorry, but that's just not happening right now. Here is an update on us.

I am 38 weeks, 3 days pregnant. Not sleeping. My body is not progressing and our little boy wants nothing to do with dropping down. He remains in my ribs and seems to be as happy as a clam. He gets bigger everyday, has NO room to move around and is constantly trying to stretch. Poor kid! I keep telling him that he will be much more comfortable out in the open-that seems to be doing no good.

Stuart is in his 2nd year of Law School at ASU, recently got an iPad-the word "love" does not begin to cover his feelings for it, tries very hard to make me comfortable, and cannot wait to hold this baby boy. It's really cute.

Due date=19th. I have a feeling we're going to get all the way there people.


36 Weeks

I really have no words. The boy no longer has any room and is constantly pushing on all sides of my stomach. On the 12th I had my first appointment here in AZ and his estimated weight was 6lbs 11oz after all the ultrasound measurements... with 5 weeks left. We're hoping fat, happy, healthy :)

P.S. I am happy I promise... just tired... and I did not want to go out and take another picture.

Also, thoughts on whether or not I will regret not doing maternity pictures? Please give me honest answers since I'm getting down to the wire and should probably book someone NOW...


So Long San Diego, We Will Miss You

Warning: No pictures because I am a scatterbrain and I completely forgot to take them. I am annoyed with myself.

On July 1st Stuart found out that he was accepted to transfer to ASU Law School and so we had 30 days to get our lives in boxes and figure out a plan for our move to home-sweet-home Arizona. Our lease in San Diego was up on the 31st and everything felt like really perfect timing... (except for the fact that I'm 8 months pregnant)

We had so much help from family and friends during this whole experience and I really could not be more grateful. They loaded our U-Haul in a matter of one hour and then when we got to AZ it was unloaded in the same crazy-fast manner. Being {essentially} useless and not able/allowed to do anything I felt more like a traffic director or something. I just felt so lucky that we have all these amazing people in our lives that were willing to help Stuart muscle all of our heavy furniture and other belongings down 3 flights of stairs. I owe a lot of people some big favors :)

So our new home base is Mesa, AZ. We both haven't lived at "home" in so long and we're pretty excited. It's nice to move and know right where you are and how to get around. Plus it's so fun to be close to both of our families.

That is our update. Just in case you were interested... :)

Pictures next time, I promise.


30 Weeks... For Good Measure

You can see me in the previous post in the family shot, but here is one of Stuart and I at my 30 week mark. Ah! That's really weird to say. 3/4 of the way through and then we have a little man!


Escaping the Heat

Petersons and Larsens came to visit San Diego for the last few weeks and escape the heat of Arizona. We had a lot of fun going to taco shops and hamburger joints that are not exactly "child-friendly", going to Scripps Aquarium and of course, going to the beach. I have a million pictures of our nieces so I just chose a select few from the whole visit.

Sorta blurry, but this place is called "Hodad's". It was featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" and it is seriously so good! We had to wait in line for a while but it was worth it!

This is outside Scripps Aquarium. I hadn't been since I went with my family in High School so it was a lot of fun to go.

Stuart and I took a day off to go to the beach and while we were there, Lucy and Jane (with the help of Papa Scott) buried Stuart....

...and then proceeded to beat him up when he broke out and became the "sand monster". They were VERY resourceful using the shovel they dug the hole with. I have never seen anything like it. It was HILARIOUS!


4th of July and 29 Weeks... A Little Late

My parents and brother came to SD for the 4th of July... but unfortunately I did not get a lot of pictures (and my mom still has a bunch that I need to steal)! We had fun playing "tourist" and going to the beach and having bbq's. It was so relaxing and I loved having them all here.

The bottom picture is of Stuart and Blake attempting to catch a squirrel that they had lured close to them with a trail of Chex Mix. I cannot make these things up. They almost had him too, although I'm not sure what they would have done with it...

This is my dad's best friend from FOREVER. They wouldn't look at me but I made sure to capture a picture of them at the grill. Stuart and Blake don't like to take normal pictures. Annoying.

And here I am at 29 weeks. My brother thought he could stick his stomach out farther than mine but he was very much mistaken. I'm showing this to his children.

I promise that my mom was here. We have so many good ones of all of us in Old Town and at Mormon Batallion... just on her camera :)


Week 27

I've never measured my life in weeks before... but now reality is starting to hit. I only have 13 (possibly a few less) more weeks of this. Then I'm a mom. With major responsibilities. Whoa. Note to self: Maybe I better start purchasing baby gear. I think it's time.

It really hit me in the last few days because when I am sitting on the couch and I feel baby boy move... I also SEE him move. (Yes yes I knew this was going to happen, but I'm a first timer, it was crazy!) It's like my stomach is a water bed or something. Really freaked me out the first time it happened, and now I look forward to it. Even though it is making me stay up late because he likes to be most active at about 11pm... and that's usually the time I like to go to bed. Figures. I have had zero appetite for the last week and a half, which I find a little weird, but oh well.

Stuart likes to talk really loud directly at my tummy and baby responds to this every time. He thinks it is because the baby knows his voice now. I think that baby has a heart attack every time this happens. Poor child!


Mexico 2010

Back to Paradise. I just love that we get to go and relax with Stuart's family and have so much fun. We got a little sunburned. We ate yummy Mexican food, drank lots of Coca Lite (Stuart), and ate several pints of Haagen Daas chocolate ice cream. That sounds like all we did was eat... yikes. Hunger Games/Catching Fire took hold of everyone on the trip (Except for me and Scott). I decided that I'm going to wait until July when the third one comes out, then I will decide to go missing for a few days and read them all. Stuart read the first one in 5 hours and the 2nd one in about the same amount of time. Everyone was freaking out the whole time and asking each other "where are you at???" I was afraid to be a zombie so I resisted. Thank you so much for the wonderful trip! There's no way to really describe it :)

I just love that he is sticking his tongue out at me.

Not many photos of me... but that should not be too much of a surprise! :)