The Week of "23 Weeks"

This week was a rough one for me. So many things happened that I was hoping would be spaced out (at least by a few days) but instead they came one right after another, day after day...

The scale is truly my nemesis.
*Considering throwing it away.
The first (of many I'm sure) stretch mark appeared on my hip.
*I'm praying that Palmer's cocoa butter helps. Any other remedies/ideas I will greatly appreciate.
My arms (apparently my circulation is awful) fall asleep halfway through drying my hair.
*This is just annoying. It already takes me a full 20 minutes for my mane of hair and now I have to take breaks?? What is that??
My belly button is no longer an "innie".
*Yes yes yes. I knew this would happen. But still.

My one saving grace is how much I love feeling him move around every few hours... Loving the "Butterfly" phase.

PS Also loving maxi dresses. Don't make fun.


1 Week Break in Pictures

For Stuart's break from school we went to the beach and then headed home to AZ to hang out with family and get away from "real" life for a few days.

They thought Stuart was SO COOL for buying them these squishy toys at Target.

I think he was trying to win points with them because he also took the girls swimming. Their teeth were chattering but they didn't really want to stop.

They had a long chat in the sun. So cute.


Nap time. Normal for me nowadays, but I just LOVED cuddling with our new nephew.
*I'm counting this as my 19 week picture since my tummy is HUGE.

I always miss them.

We celebrated my sister's birthday a little early, but I'm glad we all got to be there (minus brother on mission).


Two Years... and Practically Pros

It feels like a lot longer than 2 years (good thing :) ) that Stuart and I have been married. Crazy to think that next year we will have the little boy with us!

*Love Stuart's face in this picture.