A Little Obsessed...

I've been watching this with Stuart all season and tonight I was hanging on every minute. All these people did so amazing!! Also, I love Jillian and I'm so happy Michelle won.


Stuart's Beard

I haven't really been taking a lot of pictures of Stuart and I lately (we've been kinda busy and he is graduating this month!) but we went to Stuart's work party tonight and I had to take one because I have never seen his facial hair like this! He's gonna have to shave it before he heads off to the testing center this next week and I think I'm going to miss it a little :(


Our 1st Tiny Christmas Tree

I don't have a whole lot to say about this picture, just that our tree is 2 feet tall and fits perfectly in our little apartment and I LOVE CHRISTMAS! :)


Thanksgiving in Mesa

We got to spend Thanksgiving at home with our families and it was so much fun! I regret not taking many pictures but here is what I have!

This was Thanksgiving day in my parents backyard. It was so gorgeous at home while we there!

Me and my mom :) She had my sister and I make the whole dinner this year while she monitored. She wanted us to know how to do everything instead of just stirring pots and watching :) Love her.

My favorite thing to do is decorate the tree after Thanksgiving so my mom and dad always oblige and let me get everything out before I have to leave to come back to Utah... I don't think decorating is Stuart's favorite thing but he was a good sport :)

Our 2 favorite little people that we love to see when we go home. They're getting so big!