A Little Obsessed...

I've been watching this with Stuart all season and tonight I was hanging on every minute. All these people did so amazing!! Also, I love Jillian and I'm so happy Michelle won.


Stuart's Beard

I haven't really been taking a lot of pictures of Stuart and I lately (we've been kinda busy and he is graduating this month!) but we went to Stuart's work party tonight and I had to take one because I have never seen his facial hair like this! He's gonna have to shave it before he heads off to the testing center this next week and I think I'm going to miss it a little :(


Our 1st Tiny Christmas Tree

I don't have a whole lot to say about this picture, just that our tree is 2 feet tall and fits perfectly in our little apartment and I LOVE CHRISTMAS! :)


Thanksgiving in Mesa

We got to spend Thanksgiving at home with our families and it was so much fun! I regret not taking many pictures but here is what I have!

This was Thanksgiving day in my parents backyard. It was so gorgeous at home while we there!

Me and my mom :) She had my sister and I make the whole dinner this year while she monitored. She wanted us to know how to do everything instead of just stirring pots and watching :) Love her.

My favorite thing to do is decorate the tree after Thanksgiving so my mom and dad always oblige and let me get everything out before I have to leave to come back to Utah... I don't think decorating is Stuart's favorite thing but he was a good sport :)

Our 2 favorite little people that we love to see when we go home. They're getting so big!


Saturday Afternoon

I decided that I wanted a new nail polish because I was bored with my old ones, so, like any normal girl I tested the ones I might like on my nails. Stuart laughed at me because I looked like a five year old for the rest of our errands today (see picture). If you're interested I decided on the dark purple on my thumbnail :)


November 17th Is A BIG Day In Our Relationship

2 Years ago today Stuart and I started dating and 1 year ago today is the day Stuart proposed to me, so... here's a tribute :)

This is Stuart's favorite because you can see the gum in my mouth, I know, attractive!

He had his sister Kate and cousin Brit light hundreds of candles in his apartment along with setting 8 dozen roses in several vases. It was gorgeous and of course I cried my eyes out.


I've Been Tagged...

My friend Rachel tagged me after she'd been tagged for 2 things... so I got to pick one and I thought this would be easier than "7 Random Things About Myself" but now I'm not so sure! So here goes: The Eights.

Eight shows I like to watch:
1. Friends (I've seen every episode 5+ times and I still can’t get enough!!)
2. Seinfeld (Stuart has all the seasons on DVD… enough said)
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. The Office
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Anything on Food Network
7. Gossip Girl (Don’t judge me)
8. Private Practice

Eight Restaurants I like to eat at:
1. Zupas
2. Paradise Bakery
3. Cheesecake Factory
4. PF Changs
5. Café Rio
6. California Pizza Kitchen
7. Filiberto’s (Mesa, AZ)
8. In-N-Out

Eight things I've done today: (I wrote this part last night…)
1. Woke up at 7:30AM (I have no idea why this happened on a Saturday) and went to Einstein’s Bagels with Stuart
2. Went to the gym and climbed stairs for 45 minutes
3. Went to yoga at 10
4. Did laundry
5. Went grocery shopping
6. Cleaned my bathroom
7. Went through an Anthropologie catalog I received in the mail and wanted everything that I saw…
8. Went tanning for the first time since before my wedding (Once again, don’t judge me! My legs were starting to reflect light!)

Eight things I am looking forward to:
1. Thanksgiving! I’m so excited to go home to Mesa and see our families!
2. Stuart graduating in December from BYU
3. Stuart finding out about law school (I’d like to know where we’re moving!)
4. Going snowboarding this winter
5. Being a mom (No, I’m not pregnant)
6. Christmas music on the radio
7. Decorating the Christmas tree at my parents’ house the day after Thanksgiving… one of my favorite traditions
8. Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday (obviously these have been in no particular order)

Eight things on my wish list:
1. Travel Europe
2. Move home to Arizona eventually… I’ve had enough of UT weather!
3. Lay out on a Hawaii beach (I’ve never been)
4. Being in our own house so that I can paint the walls and actually start to decorate!
5. Never having to put my contacts in again… maybe someday I’ll get lasik
6. Some way to make sure that the Chicago Bears win every game… then maybe Stuart wouldn’t be slightly sullen when they don’t
7. Never having to wash my face again OR never feeling the need to wear make-up again… one of the two.
8. Michael Kors Watch (Maybe for Christmas ??)

Eight people I tag: (I'm sorry if you don't like being tagged, but it says 8 and that’s nearly everyone I know!)
1. Alisha W.
2. Andrea R.
3. Becky G.
4. Jenna R.
5. Jenna V.
6. Lauren S.
7. Liz G.
8. Sarah L.


Oh, How Far We've Come...

From 1st dance to half a year!

Ok, maybe the word "far" isn't the word I should use, but we've certainly hit a milestone! Stuart and I have been married 6 months today!! Here are some things that Stuart says he's learned:

1. Certain noises are not allowed around girls.
2. Kisses are the cure for everything.
3. Cleaning gets him extra points.
4. He never wins.
5. If kisses don't work flowers will.

It makes me sound like I have all these rules, but I really don't think that I do. Here are some things that I've learned:

1. I really can sleep a full night next to my husband. (It took me at least a month to finally get a full night's sleep without waking up 3 and 4 times.)
2. He's the only one who can make me feel better after a hard day.
3. I always look forward to Friday night date nights. Even if it is just getting frozen yogurt and going on a walk.
4. He's my best friend and my favorite person to hang out with.
5. 6 months is nothing... I can't wait for the next 50 years :)

Flowers really are the best.



Stuart was kind enough to accompany me to this...

And I seriously LOVED it... cheesy, yes, but LOVED it.

Don't judge me.


Pumpkin Patch Part II

So we had to carve the pumpkins that we got at the pumpkin patch, and here are our results :)

Yes, I'm washing off my pumpkin. It's been laying in a dirt field!

Apparently Stuart does not like "pumpkin guts"

Of course Kate picked the biggest pumpkin, I'm pretty sure it was 3 inches thick!

We made "cute" pumpkins and...

Stuart made a "scary" snaggle-tooth pumpkin


Happy Halloween!!


Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Stuart's little sister Kate told us about a pumpkin patch in Santaquin where we could go and pick out our own pumpkins, so of course we had to go! When we arrived we found out it was also a wagon ride from The Big Red Barn to the actual patch... it was freezing outside. Also, I think we were the only adults without young children with us but we had tons of fun anyway!

Riding on the wagon.

Not only was it cold, also windy.

Yes, this pumpkin patch catered to children.


I Have A Pretty Cute Husband...

I came home from work Friday and my super adorable husband decided that he needed to buy me flowers (pictured) and make me smile and take me on a date. Well it worked and I was definitely all smiles when I got home. He even let me pick the place, so off to Zupas we went (where , bonus!, I got to see my cute pregnant friend Jenna and her husband Andrew). I love date nights and I really love Stuart!


Derek and Meredith Forever

Grey's Anatomy starts tomorrow and I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight... I don't care if that sounds pathetic, I'm that excited!!! All I'm saying is, Derek and Meredith better get married this season or I'll scream! I'm sorta sick of her being "dark and twisty with mommy issues"...


Some Party

Ok, so I'm getting yelled at for not posting very often, but I really feel like I have nothing to blog about recently!! However, here's a story for you. I was at work on Friday with the other 2 girls in my office (also twenty-something's) when in the middle of the day a woman (a late thirty-something) who works at one of our branch offices came in for a reimbursement check. She then informed us that she was having a "botox party" the next day and her reimbursement money was going towards the food and drinks for it, would we all like to come? I was immediately inside my own head: "Do I need botox?? I know I like to be tan in the summer time, but I put sunscreen on my face everyday! Do I look years older than I am??" I think that because all of us weren't really saying anything when she invited us she piped up and said, "you really should just come in and do a preventive session for your forehead wrinkles." WHAT??? So basically for this whole last weekend I have been freaking out that maybe I have wrinkles and that I am aging prematurely and wondering about which anti-wrinkle cream I should buy. I'm leaning towards Clinique's "Repairwear Intensive Night Cream." After all, it's an award winner apparently. I really didn't think I was going to have to worry about this just yet. Oh well, now I'm panicked.


Meteor Shower Memories

Stuart told me that there is a meteor shower tonight and it immediately took me back to last summer. We had been dating again for a couple of months and when we heard about it we decided that it would be fun to go up the canyon and sit in the back of his truck to see it. For about the first half hour that we were sitting there talking I could feel the tension and had a pretty good feeling that it was going to be the night he told me he loved me.. then we had a bit of a surprise. A fellow onlooker decided to come and chat with us... for over an hour! I don't even remember what he talked to us about... I just remember that the tension was immediately eliminated. We watched the meteor shower, which was very pretty, and went home. We talked about it tonight and it was fun to remember and laugh about. It was maybe 3 days later when the tension came back and he told me, but it was a painfully long 3 days... I mean, I definitely wasn't going to say it first!


Fun in the Sun

Stuart and I were able to join his family in San Diego for a week and had SO much fun! We played on the beach, played with our nieces and pretty much just lounged. It was so great to be around family and get away from real life for a little bit :)

Lucy loved to bury Stuart in the sand. I'm so happy he's such a good sport.

Yes, that is me trying to get through Eclipse before Breaking Dawn came out...

All of us at the beach.

Eating Phil's BBQ on the beach. So so pretty at sunset.

At one of the best restaurant's ever, The Chart House.

Cutest. Picture. Ever.


Intense Saturday

Forget "weekend plans"... more like "Saturday plans"... I started and finished New Moon (the 2nd installment) in just one day. Actually that's lying, I read 2 chapters Friday night... but then what happened made me sad and I didn't want to keep reading. But on Saturday I could not put it down! Luckily for me she did NOT leave the 3rd book or my Sunday would have been spoken for as well and I didn't really have time for that. We were packing yesterday because tonight we are on a plane headed for San Diego with Stuart's family! (Where the 3rd book is waiting for me.) We're really excited to lay out in the sun and play on the beach. It's going to be a lot of fun! Pictures will be posted when we return :)


It Happened. I'm Hooked.

Last summer I had a couple of girlfriends who were obsessed with the Twilight series and they tried several times to get me to read it, but I was skeptical. I kept thinking that a love story with vampires was just not worth my time! However, my little sister, Lauren, read all 3 last month in like a week and raved about them, so I considered reading them again but quickly forgot about it with other things going on. Then Stuart's sister, Kate, came over this last Sunday for dinner and was talking about how she was so excited for the 4th one to come out... Geez! This book is everywhere! So I asked to borrow the first book (Twilight). Good thing that on Tuesday night she not only brought over the first book, but also the second, "just in case" I read it quickly and wanted the next installment. She was right. I read 2 chapters Tuesday night before I went to bed, a couple more Wednesday night, and then yesterday afternoon while Stuart took a nap I came close to finishing it! I went to sleep at around 1 last night but finished it before work at 9am this morning. I seriously could not put it down no matter how hard I tried. I would have finished it last night if my eyelids would have let me! Anyway, I loved it, and I'm really excited for the 2nd book she left. I think my weekend may already be planned out for me...


Current Love Affairs...

My Yellow Flats. I have somewhat of an issue... I was gifted this great pair of yellow flats and I like to think that they go with everything. Sometimes when I am getting ready (and they really do, in fact, clash) I have to remind myself that they don't go!!

Small Apartments. There is something to be said for small spaces. While there is not tons of room, it takes me all of an hour and a half on Saturdays to clean it. I've really come to enjoy it and never really thought I'd say that...

Bows On Pretty Much Anything. There's proof in the one I had on my wedding dress. Anthropologie has this new line of bow-adorned items that I'm in love with. I think this one is my favorite.
Alanis Morissette's New CD. (Except I don't like #3, unnecessary word usage) I really like running to it. It has kind of an Indian vibe. It's different than anything she's ever done, definitely less angry than Bitter Pill.

Netflix/Alias. Stuart and I borrowed Season 1 of Alias from some family friends to take on our Honeymoon to Mexico to watch in our downtime and got completely hooked. So throughout the last couple of months, thanks to our favorite new find, Netflix, we get a new installment every few days and its been really fun.

Real Simple Magazine. I really do go through every single page. I'm so excited about the new one I just got yesterday :)

Cupcakes... which leads to my Kitchenaid. I don't make them a lot because there is only two of us and I would gain 100 pounds fairly quickly I think... but I love cupcakes. Every time I find a new recipe for them I get super excited (especially if they are endorsed by Martha Stewart). This one is really great! Also, I love my Kitchenaid. I really don't know what I did without it before! Even now, when it's something as simple as a boxed brownie mix, I still use it! It's my favorite "kitchen toy." Isn't this color adorable?! It makes me want a purple kitchen!


25 years...

My parents 25th anniversary was today... absolutely incredible to me. I haven't even been married for 3 months yet, I can't imagine 25 years! I'm so appreciative of their great examples and I hope Stuart and I will be as happy as they are.


I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More of It

Stuart's sister, Kate, and I went to the Tim McGraw concert last night at USANA and it was absolutely AMAZING! (Even with the flat tire that we got on the way!) I'm just so happy that she asked me to go with her!

This is what they gave us for ice water cups... yikes!

AH! We screamed the entire time... my throat was raw today!

All in all... we love Tim. I told Stuart I have a crush on him. He seemed ok with it.



I've never really been into this show until the current season... but last night I actually had to watch a dance twice! Chelsie and Mark were so good!

A total plus to all of this, Stuart actually likes watching it with me. I'm so lucky.



We went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo last night with Ryan and Jes Toolson. We saw lots of Wranglers, hot roller hair, sequin tops, and Stetson cowboy hats... needless to say, we didn't fit in... but we had a lot of fun watching everyone!

This was by far the meanest bull ever...

Best strawberries and cream ever! (We shared with Stuart and Ryan we swear!)

I just love him.