November Catch-Up

You're probably noticing that I have not made this blog private yet... I'm thinking about holding off since I got so many requests and you're only allowed 100 and I feel bad leaving anybody out!! So I am just not going to use J-baby's name and I guess if anything strange happens, I have all of your info :)

J has been so fun. I can't believe he is almost 3 months old! Here is our November catch-up!

Kristen came into town and so we went to lunch with her and Carli (they were best friends with Stuart in high school) and their babies at Tia Rosa's. They're all so cute!

Sadly this is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving. But it is fitting. Stuart had just gotten back from playing football in the morning with his friends and took a morning nap with the baby. Thanksgiving and naps go hand-in-hand, right?

Random of my parents and J. He never gets put down at their house!

Little mister is 95th percentile for height and weight at 2 months (25 inches, 14lbs14oz)... I'm sure you're seeing that here in all of his "Michelin Man" glory.

Most importantly, baby boy had his blessing this past Sunday. It was so sweet and special. I, of course, cried and was so grateful that so much of our family could be there.

In other news, we are now starting to take daily walks. It's a little chilly outside (not like Utah or anything-but still) so he is dressed accordingly. I'm considering getting him gloves :)


Had to Happen

Well folks, you can google search our baby now and he appears. No thanks. Looks like we're going private. (I know I don't post a lot but I will try harder I promise!) You know the drill. Leave me your email if you want to keep reading about us and our SUPER EXCITING lives :) If you don't want to leave your email in a comment, email me at morganjeanpeterson (at) gmail (dot) com and I will add you!!!


So I guess it really does happen... you have a baby and your blog is then dominated by them! (sorry) Jackson is 7 weeks old!! What? How did that happen? Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. For those of you who have been asking, I'm sorry it has taken so long to post new ones. I have been busy-I decided this week to implement "Babywise" into our lives and I have a hard time listening to the little mister cry it out at nap time... I just sit there and close my eyes waiting for it to stop. It kills me! Especially since it's my fault for rocking him to sleep since he was born. I'm going to try not to feel too guilty though because I loved every minute of doing that. Anyway, the next few weeks are going to be rough I'm sure, but he's still so much fun.

5 1/2 weeks. Playing with Grandpa.

Family reunion for my dad's side. This WAS Jackson's Halloween costume but over the next week he grew out of it and I didn't buy him a new one. I'm considering these his Halloween pictures.

First time to church for Jackson at 6 weeks. Napping with Dad. Watching football with Dad on Sunday morning.

"Nana's Halloween Party" Jackson is "too cool" to dress up for Halloween apparently. Such a mean mom not buying him a new costume. Oh well. I can't keep up. My child is already out of 0-3 month clothes and he's only 7 weeks! Next year we'll really amp it up. The "donut-on-a-string" game was hilarious as I'm sure you can imagine. Such a fun tradition :)

Other "lately" items: Stuart studies like a maniac and we are loving being close to family with our new addition. We can't wait for Thanksgiving so that Jackson can meet his other 3 aunts :)