Don't mind the fact that there is drool all over his face (or the fact that he is moving so fast he is kinda blurry)-but seriously-the little toothy grin just kills me!

Stuart calls this "Superman"... I think he looks like he is doing a "Mission Impossible" stunt.



I LOVE February. I love giving Valentine presents and I love the pink and red everywhere. love Love LOVE it. My sister-in-law found these super cute Crush Bottle Valentine ideas and so we made some and I did a few tags for them. And here is a pic of the cute candy valentines.



Superbowl: Could not have cared less who won. But we made yummy food. That's all that matters. He sat up (wobbly) by himself on Superbowl Sunday for the first time. You better believe this picture is my desktop image. I just want to kiss his lips.

All I want to do is hang out with my baby and take pictures of him-and those end up on here. Oh well, it's my blog. His expressions are priceless to me sometimes. I just love him.

I think I am going to cave and get some Toms (gasp!). At the beginning I thought they were completely ugly (public apology to Emily), but now they have grown on me and I want the sparkly cream pair. Yep, After those 2 sentences I talked myself into it---getting them this week. Check!

My brother is 24-which makes me... Yeah. I'm pretending mine didn't happen this year. Next year he and I can be the same age, and the following year he can be my older brother. I will just stay this age for the rest of forever-yep. Sounds good. I didn't even take a picture on my birthday this year. That seems really strange to me-I'm going to have to get over this "hating my birthday" hurdle fast.

1:30pm church is really hard for nap-time and it makes Mondays even harder. Oh well. CTR.

My little brother comes home from Brazil in August! How has he already been out for a year and a half?! I miss him.

The new Barefoot Contessa cookbook is unreal. I want to make everything in there and am well on my way. Roasted Vegetable frittata? Steakhouse Steaks? Yep, so amazing. Love it!

Well-those are my thoughts.