Have you ever seen a cuter smile?

I didn't think so.


The first week of January is birthday-packed for us. This is the only one that I have from Stuart's (New Year's Eve-his birthday is the 1st.).

And then here are a few from mine. Shopping-Benihana-Movie. I love relaxing birthdays with yummy food.


15 Months

I die with his little tongue sticking out. He does it ALL THE TIME.

If I could make him stop growing, I would. No doubt about it. I found myself looking through the last year of pictures (as I was loading them onto my external drive to clear up some space on my computer) and I got a little emotional. I cannot believe how big he is getting and what a little boy he is becoming. I need him to stay little... Sigh. I took these pictures this week on a random perfect sunny day and then realized I could do a little update on him at 15 months. Here it is:

*Latest things that he is saying: Mine. Bite (really he means drink). Nooooo. Momo (Elmo). Bzz (Buzz Lightyear). Uh-huh. Ousigh (outside). Shoes. Up. Down. All done. Amen. Woof (puppy). Banana. Vroom (his cars).
*Loves being outside more than anything. If only I could accomplish things out there, I would live out there too for the both of us.
*Loves the zoo.
*Starting to like movies (but really only the Toy Story Series), and only a few minutes at a time.
*Still loves oatmeal for breakfast. Loves PB&J. Has recently discovered his love for oranges because our parents' trees are full of them. Finally decided he likes milk-but only with PB&J. Loves Chocolate Chip Cookies and ICE CREAM (or gelato... or frozen yogurt...).
*Loves his cars and to make them go fast.
*Sick for 2 weeks at Christmas and is re-learning that it is ok not to be held and to play on his own with his toys. I am hearing all sorts of new whines the past few days. But I will take the whining because the asthma that came with the croup went away!! So relieved that the asthma is respiratory-ailment-induced and not just asthma asthma.
*Can throw the ball really well and is pretty accurate (for the most part).
*Still loves airplanes.
*Is a reincarnation of Linus and carries his blanket EVERYWHERE!
*Still loves to read books.
*Still sleeps 8-8(sometimes 9!) and takes a 3 hour nap at 12:30.
*Loves his "mama" and "dada".
*Most days only loves for mama to put him down for nap and bedtime.
*Most days only loves for dada to feed him his breakfast (yes I realize we are probably creating a monster).

We can't get enough of him.