One Year Pictures

 Took some one year pictures of Jack today. Even captured one as proof that he does occasionally stand on his own (he really has no interest in walking yet-he'll take a few steps between us and then decide he'd rather crawl to get where he's going-oh well) and one that shows that it takes real concentration to do so. That tongue sticking out just kills me.

I've been thinking a lot about when he was born and about how tiny and helpless he was. It's amazing to me how this year has just flown by so fast. I can remember those first few days and weeks SO clearly. I remember how scared I was: is he breathing? is his bath water too hot? is he eating enough? is he still jaundiced? ah!! I'm amazed we both came out alive sometimes. This little boy has taught me so much about love and patience and I am so grateful he is ours.

Back in time. 8 days old.

Some stuff about Jack at one year:
-Loves Goodnight Moon-it's his favorite book of all time
-Breakfast is now his least favorite meal of the day. I cannot for the life of me figure out what he wants to eat!
-about to wean from the bottle (formula is expensive! I have to finish it on principle.)
-stands on his own but doesn't like to really (we're working on it)
-says: mama, dada, baboo (peak-a-boo), ba (ball), yeh (yes), no nai (no no), buh (books)
-can point to his belly button and nose and toes (only when he's in the mood)
-favorite foods: homemade mac & cheese, peaches, watermelon, peas, turkey, cottage cheese on toast
-favorite snacks: fruit snacks, goldfish, popsicles, key lime pie yogurt
-favorite time of the day: bath time
-still hates his carseat (ahhhhhh!)
-no longer fears the vacuum or blender but I have to be right next to him or holding him while they are on
-favorite toy: his trucks and shape toys, mardi gras bead necklace, mom's lipgloss (dad is deadly serious about getting rid of the last 2-like throw them in the trash serious)
-loves sticking out his tongue and making noises
-doesn't care for watered down juice, just wants the water
-doesn't like sweets unless it's ICE CREAM (or gelato)
-is really great at being mom's grocery store helper
-OBSESSED with airplanes. As soon as he hears one he points and oohs and ahhs and watches it until he can't see it anymore
-sucks from a straw (which in turn has made me quit Diet Coke<--insert sad face-->because he throws a fit if he can't have a sip of my drink. Water for me it is.)

*Like how I'm using his name on here again? I guess if any creepers comment I'll really have to go private this time.


Make Me Happy

"It's the little things" they say. Well these are little and they are making me happy today.

Honeysuckle scented soap. Seriously so yummy! It's good when a soap makes you WANT to wash your hands for the 100th time that day.

My basil plant.

How could this not make me happy?

 On a little bit of a sad note... why did Missoni sell out so fast at Target? This throw seriously belongs on my couch.

Ugh. I better go wash my hands with my yummy soap. That'll make it better.


Kate is Leaving on a Jet Plane

Stuart's sister, Kate, left today on a mission to New Hampshire-Manchester for the next 18 months. We are so so so SO proud of her (and excited to write to her every week). But so so sad to see her go. This morning was pretty emotional but as I went through pictures on my camera all I can see is how excited and happy she is. That is what I am going to choose to think about because the tear-fest of this morning was just so hard!


First Party

My baby turns 1 tomorrow. I'm currently a huge mixture of emotions. More on that in a future post.

Threw a party for J last night and had our family over. He didn't quite understand that it was all about him but he got lots of fun presents and had fun playing with his cousins. 

Picture banner is from the day he was born up until last week and I used this tutorial to make the balloon banner.

Oh, the band-aid on my arm? Burned it making the cake. Rotating it in the middle of the bake-time was just too difficult I guess.
Made these sandwiches, fruit salad, my MIL's pesto pasta salad, and this amazing Snickerdoodle cake found via Pinterest. It was so so good!
His very own cell phone from his cousins.
Riding Truck and Popper Vacuum: Grandma & Grandpa; Dump Truck with Legos: Nana & Papa; Cell Phone: Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ryan, Lucy, Jane, Grant; Great Grandma: TBD $50 Target Gift card; Great Aunt Wendy: Piggy Bank; Old Papa: Money and Card; Mom & Dad: Quiet Book for Church, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Oh the Places You'll Go, New Rubber Football, Basketball, Soccer Ball (because your nerf ones are ruined and chewed up by you!), Alphabet Flash Cards (Anthropologie's-I had to!), and your winter wardrobe.
I had to.
He got two different trucks and he was so excited about them.
He wanted nothing to do with the cake. This is all that happened for 5 or 10 minutes. I should have known, though, unless it's ice cream he never wants any type of junk.
Future partners in crime. They were laughing hysterically trying to push the buttons on the dishwasher.
 Until next year...


First Haircut

Well, I cried, but the mullet-esque curls really just had to go. Here are the pictures from little man's first haircut. I really cry at every milestone. I'm such a cliche.



Isn't he dreamy? Seriously, though. Those eyes. AH! I know it wasn't like he had much hair to begin with, but he looks SO different to me now. Like suddenly he morphed into a little toddler. I want him to stay my baby forever. Too bad I will never get my wish.


Church Picture Book

Eventually I will make an amazing felt quiet book for the little munchkin but in the meantime (since he is so OBSESSED with picture books-mainly Goodnight Moon).... a friend sent me this link and I whipped it up tonight. I tweaked it a little to my liking but for the most part it is the same. I'm going to print it at Costco on Monday and then put it into a little 8x8 scrapbook for next week. I may even wrap it up for little man's birthday just so that he has some wrapping paper to play with :) I cannot believe he is turning one... seriously where did the time go?


I Still Love These

Soooo Stuart doesn't really know how to focus the camera and when he picked it up to take a picture the other day I didn't check them afterward... oh well! STILL love them. And this is (blurry) proof that I am still alive. BUSY! But alive.