Six Months Today!

I took these this morning right when he woke up and he was just so happy. Happy 1/2 birthday!

Your laugh is hilarious. You smile at everything. You are a rolling machine. Your favorite toy is your monkey. You do not like "green" baby food. You love Squash and Sweet Potatoes. You sleep 12 hours at night (we love you SO much for this!). Our lives are better because of you and we love you so much! Thanks for being such a good boy.

Fox in Socks

Lucy read this tongue twister to J, it was hilarious... you see the progression.

Fox in socks, our game is done.

Another Update

Got to see these girls at Lacy's bridal shower.

We spent a whole week with colds (J had croup, so sad) so there was lots of napping on mom. Ironically we are sick again right now, seriously? Ready for winter to be over.

We are getting much more smiley around here! I really need to get his laugh on video. It's hilarious.

He really loves to take walks, and really likes to ride on his dad's shoulders.