Just Like Everyone Else I'm Sure

We went to see the "Jacob Black Abs" movie... Oh, wait I'm sorry "New Moon"... this past week. But let's be honest, it screamed "Team Jacob".

Anyway, Stuart bought premiere tickets with some other nice husbands and they all surprised us with them and took us. It was a night of screaming girls and "Twilight" chanting, but it was a lot of fun! Even with Bella's awkward moments :)



I went to Utah this past weekend and the only thing that I have to show for it is this picture of candlesticks that I bought. I stayed at my friend Jenna's house (THANK YOU!) and she introduced me to the cutest shop... "Finder's Keepers"... right??? Anyway, I had been searching for candlesticks and these were so much cuter than anything I had been looking at and they matched my house EXACTLY. I couldn't pass them up. I also got to see my friend, Lauren (briefly). It was a whirlwind of a trip but it was a lot of fun. Plus, Quinn is cute. I gotta say the only downer is that it snowed the day I left.... not a fan.


National Cupcake Day

I think I will "cheat" today and have a cupcake. It's worth it. Especially if it's pretty.


Play On

I. Love. Carrie Underwood. I just got her new album today and I LOVE all the new songs. She's just my favorite. *Thank you iTunes gift card* Get it. Immediately.


Technically Our 1st Halloween

Stuart is a little bit anti-Halloween... Examples: 1. when we were engaged we went to dinner and a movie on Halloween 2. last year *our 1st Halloween when we were married* we also went to dinner and a movie... this year I decided I would be in charge. We went out with some friends *instead of a movie and dinner* and "dressed up". The most I could get him to wear was an eye patch, but he was convinced that made him a pirate.