I Laughed Really Hard

So I just watched this with my friend Kenna... and we were both laughing really hard. Sorry if you've seen it before. Watch it all the way through!

The wedding party were SUPER good sports!

Wedding Dance


My House Right Now

Currently my house is a fort of boxes. Whenever, I take a break for things like a shower or making dinner Stuart takes a break and plays Halo (as pictured). Ugh.


Lake Powell

So I couldn't handle the fact that we were at Lake Powell and had so much packing to do. Someone that was part of the group ended up needing to come home early to catch a plane and we offered to drive him back to Provo. So we were only there for half the trip, but that's ok, it was still great and we got some fun pictures!

Before they went up they decided that it was "maybe 30 feet up, possibly 35, LET'S GO!" but then they actually hiked up and when it was nearly 50 feet and they were a little more hesitant.

As they were talking about it, Stuart decided to just go and I almost wasn't ready for the picture. He said he couldn't talk about it anymore or he'd freak out!

Just after he "survived the jump"

One of our friends that invited us on the fun trip!

Maybe they won't be too sad that we left early and had enough fun with us for the few days that they will invite us back next year :)


Off Again

Yes, I know, post 3 in less than 10 minutes. We're leaving tomorrow for Lake Powell... really excited. However, when I get back I will have only 4 days to wrap up my packing. Anxiety setting in.

*Sidenote: I got my hair done today and I am SO happy.


Last weekend...

... I went to visit this girl in Idaho...

... and meet this baby.

So glad I got to go up there to see them before I move farther away.

Flathead Lake for 4th of July

These are obviously a little late, but better late than never! We went to Flathead Lake, Montana for the 4th of July. It was so much fun, and it was a fireworks show like I have never seen before!

Love getting to see these two.

Beautiful sunsets every night.

Surfing and wake boarding... no pictures of myself unfortunately.


I. Love. Sparklers.

Enjoying the show put on by the boys.

True story.

Don't mind the tree blocking the view.



So, Stuart and I are moving to San Diego in 18 days for law school. That's right, there IS a countdown. We decided that to make things easier we were going to start packing now because we didn't want it to feel so hectic in that last week or so. (I hate packing and get really on edge when I am loading up my life so I think that when Stuart made the "pack early" suggestion yesterday it was so that HE wouldn't feel so picked on in that last week or so, smart guy.) Well in the spirit of packing I decided to first get organized. (I have slight OCD) I opened a box in our storage area labeled "Holiday Decorations" to make sure that the contents did indeed match the outside and to see if we could fit anything else into it... but when I opened it, I actually screamed out loud. The FAKE pumpkins and gourds that I had purchased at Halloween had started to grow mold and as a result everything else in that "Holiday Decorations" box had started to grow mold as well. It was DISGUSTING and confusing... How did this happen? They were fake! Also, this has to be a fairly recent development because all of my decorations for the holidays following Halloween (except Christmas) are in there as well and those got added to the box months after the (now moldy) gourds. Ew. That's really all there is to say. I hate packing.