Valentine's Day... A Little Late

Stuart was a sweetheart and got me these in a hot pink vase :)

and then we went to PF Chang's (thank you for Christmas gift cards from Scott & Abby).

I just love him.


California Trip Part 2

After we went to the wedding in San Diego we headed to Disneyland for Valentine's Day weekend... we were a little bit excited outside the gates :)

We of course had to meet all of the princesses.

Stuart loves the teacup ride and these 3 were brave enough to go spin with him.

Emily asked Goofy to be her valentine and he said "yes"... why would he not??

It rained for the 2nd half of the first day we were there... it was freezing!

I'm thinking that maybe I want to be Minnie Mouse this next Halloween, I like yellow shoes.

Trying to take pictures when rides are spinning is a little bit difficult.

California Trip Part 1

We started the trip off with Kate's 21st birthday.

We had the opportunity to go to Jessi and Hunter's wedding in San Diego. It was so beautiful and they looked so happy.

Waiting for the bride and groom to come out.

We went to Seaport Village between the wedding and the ceremony.

Cutest part of the reception was a wall of poems that Hunter had written to Jessi throughout the time that they were dating!


Oh And

Happy Valentines Day!! I love this holiday, it's one of my favorites.

Leaving For The Weekend

We're going here

for Stuart's cousin Jessi's wedding and then we're going here

because we'll already be in California, so why not? Pictures to follow when we get back :)


Hair Appointments

This may be a dumb thing to blog about, but right after I get my hair done I am the happiest girl on the planet for like 3 days straight. I could step in puddles (those who know me well understand that my biggest pet peeve is when the bottom of my jeans get soaked), eat soggy cereal (another pet-peeve)... it doesn't matter I'll still be happy. We just spent the weekend in Park City with Stuart's parents and sister and it snowed the entire time (I have a hard time with snow... hopefully we leave UT soon) and it totally didn't affect me. I was just happy to be out of Provo and hanging out with family. Plus, I love the girl who does my hair (Liz)... that probably contributes to my happiness as well :) Totally just went on a tangent, oh well.