I Promise We're Not Dead

"Day of Love":

St. Valentine was nice and we got to spend with the weekend with Stuart's parents (Scott & Abby) who came into town. We walked and ate and walked and ate... life was good. Let me just say French toast at the US Grant Hotel is AMAZING. We visited the San Diego Zoo, something we haven't done since we moved here, and that was really fun. I discovered that Stuart loves hippos... a lot... and all I cared about was seeing the new baby Panda Bear. We got to see both animals, so both parties were happy. Thanks for coming to visit!

*About us not being dead... I really have just been busy so I don't blog. Also, I'm a big fan of having a picture to talk about and that hasn't happened recently... After the holidays and our birthdays picture taking is a little slow moving. I promise I'll try to be better for those of you that keep up with us!