San Diego Beach Trip 2011

So for the first four beach days this little boy would not touch the sand! He was a man on an island. This made me very happy and I never had to clean him up... just wait until the last picture.

Pool Day at Aviara. Dinner at Phils BBQ. Jane being the best babysitter and reading books to the two munchkins. Bathtime, these little boys are going to be best friends.

Dinner at Aunt Janette's, he loved the swing and he was super giggly.

Little man took a nap on Dad every morning. He hasn't been able to sleep on our shoulders in months... must have been the lull of the ocean waves. Heaven.

Building sand castles with Jane and burying Uncle Stuart.

Stuart dug a large hole for Jane's "house" and he built her a secret passageway. She was thrilled!

Like I said, wait until the end! The last day at the beach he suddenly decided that sand was alright and he started eating it! I was devastated, but of course pictures had to be taken. Thanks Abby!

This was pretty cute, he ate all the sand and then decided to hang out with Nana. She fed him oranges and let him mess up her Real Simple Magazine and he was in heaven.

Bruno's Pizza and S'mores by the pool for our last night. It was so yummy.

I love this vacation. It is so relaxing. Can't wait to go back next year!

10 Months

How do I have a 10 month old? I swear I was just freaking out about him figuring out how to roll over. Everyone always says that once you have kids time just flies and I really didn't want them to be right... I miss the newborn stage sometimes, but then he will do something that just makes me laugh hysterically (he is starting to figure out that he is funny) and I forget all about that. Currently he is:

-OBSESSED with climbing up everything (ie stairs, chairs, toys, shelves) but has not quite mastered the art of getting down. Gates are by both sets of stairs and he hollers for me to come help him sit down when he has decided he has had enough standing by the couch or by the shelves.
-says mama, dada, nighnigh (this actually means "no no"-odd), baboo (peak-a-boo), baba (bottle, water, ball-really sometimes I have to test out which one it might be), uh uh uh (uhoh-this one is hilarious)
-still doesn't care for his car-seat but we made it through a San Diego trip last week
-LOVES all fruits and veggies
-starting to give up his afternoon bottle
-loves swimming
-loves his blankies
-REALLY loves when daddy comes home
-wants our phones and computers-all the time
-new trick is that he throws his binkie at his bedroom door and jabbers for 20 minutes in his crib until you go up to cuddle him and give it back. I need to break him of this habit-like yesterday-but that would mean breaking him of the binkie which I am not ready to do. Until that point, we'll be going up at bedtime to give it back. Sorry Stu.

You sure do keep us on our toes!

Catch Up: Scott is Home!

My little brother got back from his mission (in Brazil) at the beginning of July and we are SO happy to have him back. It has been so great being able to introduce him to his nephew and hang out with him again. Those two years seriously FLEW. I was pretty pre-occupied with my own life being pregnant and then getting used to being a mom... I'm sure he thought my weekly emails were pretty strange sometimes. We just love him and are so happy to have him back!

Catch Up: Quilt from Nana

My amazing MIL made this perfect quilt for J. She makes one for each grandchild and this is his ocean themed DARLING quilt. He's had it for a long time but I wanted it on the ol' blog. It is my favorite favorite thing to lay down on the floor for him to play on.


Catch Up: Easter

It's my blog. I'll go back 4 months if I want to. Little boy's first Easter was so great. He got all of his beach toys from Nana and Papa and really enjoyed watching the Easter Egg Hunt! Also, Stuart and I were able to go to the Easter Pageant. I hadn't been in so long and we really enjoyed it.