36 Weeks

I really have no words. The boy no longer has any room and is constantly pushing on all sides of my stomach. On the 12th I had my first appointment here in AZ and his estimated weight was 6lbs 11oz after all the ultrasound measurements... with 5 weeks left. We're hoping fat, happy, healthy :)

P.S. I am happy I promise... just tired... and I did not want to go out and take another picture.

Also, thoughts on whether or not I will regret not doing maternity pictures? Please give me honest answers since I'm getting down to the wire and should probably book someone NOW...


So Long San Diego, We Will Miss You

Warning: No pictures because I am a scatterbrain and I completely forgot to take them. I am annoyed with myself.

On July 1st Stuart found out that he was accepted to transfer to ASU Law School and so we had 30 days to get our lives in boxes and figure out a plan for our move to home-sweet-home Arizona. Our lease in San Diego was up on the 31st and everything felt like really perfect timing... (except for the fact that I'm 8 months pregnant)

We had so much help from family and friends during this whole experience and I really could not be more grateful. They loaded our U-Haul in a matter of one hour and then when we got to AZ it was unloaded in the same crazy-fast manner. Being {essentially} useless and not able/allowed to do anything I felt more like a traffic director or something. I just felt so lucky that we have all these amazing people in our lives that were willing to help Stuart muscle all of our heavy furniture and other belongings down 3 flights of stairs. I owe a lot of people some big favors :)

So our new home base is Mesa, AZ. We both haven't lived at "home" in so long and we're pretty excited. It's nice to move and know right where you are and how to get around. Plus it's so fun to be close to both of our families.

That is our update. Just in case you were interested... :)

Pictures next time, I promise.