It's a BOY!

The scales are tipping in the male direction folks. I have a strong feeling that in a few years I will have lost control of the TV remote and the ability to keep dirt out of my house.

We're so excited!

Stuart's face was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when our ultra-sound tech told us that it was a boy. His eyes got big and his smile-even bigger. With all those sisters, he thought he was pretty much doomed to have all girls. Alas, the time has come for him to have a wrestling buddy and sports-watching companion.

Nervous: The tech kept saying how "big" he was for being only 18 weeks along. She thinks my due date is wrong by a full week or two. I hope she's right, and that it's my due date that is off. Not just that I'm prone to having big babies (all 4 of us in my family were pretty big babies not to mention my sister and youngest brother were 10lbs and 11lbs, respectively). Stuart was pretty big too... alright, I'm just plain nervous.

And for everyone BEGGING to see a picture of me... here you go. I not only grow in the front, but apparently in the back as well. So annoying. Here I am in my "18 week" glory. (Lighting is AWFUL in my house... don't judge the pictures.)

Stuart wanted pictures too.

Oh, and he bought me my favorite flowers. I love when he does that :)


Boy or Girl? and Studying

We find out what we are having on Wednesday afternoon and I can barely contain my EXCITEMENT! The majority of our family thinks "girl"... I'm really not even sure. My guess changes almost daily.

In other news: Stuart took his first (of four) final on Saturday morning. This means that he is 3 finals away from finishing the hardest (first) year of Law School and I am 3 finals away from getting my husband back... for one week. He only gets a week break and then he is starting his internship AND summer school class. I will take any visitors who want to come to the beach with me this summer.

*Have no fear: tests this week are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. So our Wednesday event will not interfere with his brain during a final. We probably should have scheduled our appointment for a different time. But oh well.


Is It True??

If you know me... you know I'm an Apple addict and if the iPhone had been available to all carriers I would have been the first customer to hop on board. As it stands I was on T-Mobile for a long time and then when we moved we had to switch to Verizon so that we could actually have coverage. The rumors have been circulating for a while that Verizon will finally get the iPhone this year and I hope this doesn't stay just a rumor... I will be sad.


Walk on the Beach

Stuart goes on a walk with me everyday and I decided to snap this picture of him. I love living here (except for the earthquakes) and I'm very excited for Stuart's finals to be over so that we can go more often... and so that I can get a tan (I just don't want to get in a swimsuit... still need to jump over that hurdle).

An Explosion of Sorts

This is what happens when finals approach. The entire office becomes Stuart's "cave" and he is in his own world. Here is to the end of his first year of law school and (hoping for) Straight A's!


Week 15

No. There is not a picture of me in this post. I am currently in an "anti picture phase" of my pregnancy and I will probably remain in this phase for a LONG time. However, I was reading in the required book that every new-parent-to-be must own (What to Expect When You're Expecting) when I discovered that this week our baby is the size of an orange! YES, I understand that the baby is growing (because I certainly feel like I am) but in my head it is still the picture on our fridge from our first ultrasound at week 8. So to think about how big the baby really was got me excited!

*Note: I still have not purchased ONE thing for baby. Until I know what we are having I have decided to remain calm in the shopping department. I am just now starting to get antsy.