What Our Munchkin is Up to and Other Things

Swimming. The water finally warmed up so now he doesn't glare at me like the middle pictures.
Jackson loves: ice cream. coloring. sweeping. hanging out with his favorite cousin. his Buzz Lightyear action figure that his Aunt Lauren gave him.
My favorites lately: summer manicure/pedicures. Madewell. This chapstick. Being Jack's mom. The bottom photo was taken on Mother's Day.
We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.
A goal of mine for 2012 was to read a book a month. I love reading and I don't get to do enough of it! These are the last 3 I read. For some reason I missed out on reading "The Outsiders" in high school!

Went on a "stay-cation" in Scottsdale. Best 2.5 days EVER.

It was nice to be missed, however. He didn't leave my side for DAYS.
Last minute road trip to Vegas for my friend, Carolyn's, 30th birthday surprise party. I am pretty lucky in that Stuart thinks he should carry all the luggage! Thanks, Scurr's, for letting us crash at your house!!
Girls that went to Vegas.
Randoms. Top Left: Stuart has started his Bar Prep course and is not home as much. So for a few mornings Jackson wanted to look at pictures on my phone of his Daddy. It makes him smile from ear to ear. Top Right: Toolson's came to town and Jack got to meet Asher! They were fast friends. Bottom: Went to take a few pictures for Britt & Cody of their new darling baby. There is nothing like being around a newborn. So sweet.


Stuart's Law School Graduation

About to play catch up, like I always do! But this is the family journal so I am not giving up!

Big accomplishment in his (read: our) life and we are so proud of him!
The ceremony was during Jack's nap time and he was really tired. Decided to lay on the (filthy) ground for a few minutes. If I hadn't been trying to keep him quiet I can pretty much guarantee that he would not have had a chance to do this.


Went to dinner at Don & Charlie's that night with his mom & dad, sister/brother-in-law, and his grandpa.
Grad Present from Jack to Daddy.