Christmas 2011

So grateful for my little family. I am so happy that Stuart has been out of school and that we were able to spend so much time together this Christmas. That's all I ever want from Stuart anyway, more time for him to be with us. It's all Jack wants too, Stuart is his favorite person (besides maybe his grandpas).

Christmas Eve at my parents' for the annual Christmas Party with my dad's extended family.
Pretty tree on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning. He was a little unsure of where all the new stuff came from but got into the puzzles pretty quick.

Christmas Morning.
Christmas morning at my parents for breakfast after church.
You would think that he got nothing else for Christmas other than Elmo and the Jingle puppy. I'm serious. He thinks the puppy is real and refers to Elmo as "momo".
Christmas afternoon at the Petersons. This is such a poor showing of pictures. I need to steal from Abby! These are the only ones I had.
Setting up the new surround sound til 11:30 or so Christmas night... it was important people.
There are no words for how excited I am for this... Stuart surprised me so good this year!

Zoo Day 2

We went to the zoo for my SIL's birthday and it was the second time in a week for us but it was so fun anyway. I love the zoo. Random pics from the day.

I'm framing this one. I just love it.

What Stephanie will look like when she has 3 kids.

Prior to Christmas

Between croup and asthma we spent lots of time at the doctor and this is how the little urchin looked most days. When Stuart is off school he dresses Jack and always ALWAYS he ends up in sweats.

He's recently taken a liking to my Muscle Milk. I actually don't remember the last time that I drank one all on my own.

Temple lights are a must every year.

He's recently discovered that he likes "driving". Makes the car noises and bounces up and down while trying to move the wheel standing in front of it. It's so funny. I love the little things that he is doing lately and want to remember all of them.

Friend/Neighbor gifts this year. Homemade Cinnamon Honey Butter. I had to make one for us too because the husband LOVES the stuff.


The Proposal

I'm playing catch up and since this happened before Christmas, it comes first! My little brother asked me to help with his engagement last Friday night and it really was a lot of fun to plan. I love doing things like this. It was only candles and firelight so getting the pictures was quite the experience without using a flash, but I think it turned out cute. He had me hide to get pictures of her reaction and it was a really sweet moment.
Pathway for her to follow from the street to the backyard.
Just some details.

Good thing her answer was "yes!"
Jackson was there to help me set up. He was very VERY intrigued by the fire. Lots of "ooooohs" and "aaaaahs". (Is anyone else sick of his GAP jacket yet? I might be... it's in almost every photo recently but those classic fleeces are just SO WARM and I have a very real fear of my baby being cold.)


Zoo Day

We went to the Phoenix Zoo with the Fuller's today (and got Season Passes, woohoo!) and Jack really REALLY enjoyed himself. Like would throw-fits-when-he needed-to-go-back-in-the-stroller enjoyed himself. I am so happy that I brought my camera. You know, the good one that isn't my iPhone? I've been really dependent on the iPhone lately. For pretty much all picture taking and it. has. to. stop. I mean it's ok for the candid moments but when I actually use my DSLR I get so much more excited to look at them afterward. Plus it was a perfect cloudy day. I kinda can't wait til Christmas.

They are just too cute.

The one picture I am in WAS taken with an iPhone. Stuart's. Blast.

Wes was so excited about every animal it was so darling. And he knew most of the sounds they make. Impressive.

Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

I just want things that I can find in the recycle bin. Maybe... a new toy car. But I'll like the wrapping paper better, so no hard feelings, ok?



December So Far

Nothing super significant has happened lately but if you looked at the plethora of pictures on my phone, you would think otherwise. Here are some recent happenings:

Texting while driving.

Eating the entire Costco hot dog on our recent shopping trip.

We now have common cold induced asthma. At least we're hoping it's only when he has a respiratory ailment.

The next generation lawyer.

I finished the canvas for Jackson's room. Now I just have to hang it.


Deming, New Mexico/Thanksgiving Catch Up

Stories are best told with pictures and videos-here are the highlights of our most recent visit to New Mexico for Stuart's side of the family-Keeler Family Reunion.

Heading out. Naptime in the car. Emily's cute outfit. Pretty New Mexico sunset. Football-of course! Sarah and Grant. Fishing in the pond.

Hay field. Shooting guns-I know. Driving with Papa. Sweatshirt twins. He loved walking the hall of the hotel back and forth between our room and Papa/Nana's room. On the tractor. He LOVES Tractors.

Playground at the Farm. With his "nanny" (Britt I will still hire you.) So tired after family olympics. Riding a horse for the first time. HE LOVED IT. Yummy drinks at Tacos Mirasol. Watching Sesame Street/Backyardigans on the iPad on the drive home.

The top video is a family olympics event. Each family had to wrestle a calf down and "brand" it (marker). Stuart and Ryan were laughing so hard as they tried to get it down. The other video is Jackson on the bumpy farm road. Every time we hit the driveway leading up to the farm he would start to do this and it was so funny.

It was a fast and furious trip but it was worth it all the same. So much fun and we can't wait to go back for the next reunion :)



You know when you're so busy you can't even think straight? That is what November has been like for me. But I am just loving all of my friends' "Thankful" posts and so here is a portion of my list (in no particular order-putting these in order seems ridiculous/stressful) it's amazing how once you get going listing what you are thankful for, you could just go on and on.

1. Stuart. There are not enough words for how much I am thankful for Stuart.
2. Jackson. Ditto number 1.
3. Dry Shampoo and Flower Bomb
4. Jack's little clothes-they are so cute and perfect
5. Reading time
6. Girls Nights
7. Date Nights
8. Netflix
9. Good Friends
10. Online Bill Pay
11. My Camera(s)-iPhone, Canon Point & Shoot, DSLR
12. Scarves. Infinity scarves.
13. Baby Laughs
14. When Jackson falls asleep in the car-rare occurrence-so precious!
15. Jackson telling me stories and babbling, the whole time thinking that I understand every word.
16. Music
17. My MacBookPro
18. AMAZING Family
19. Weekends
20. Shopping
21. Homemade bread
22. The Gym
23. Pinterest. And the time it sucks out of me.
24. My Faith
25. OPI Drying drops. Try them. Thank me later.
26. Essential Oils. (Thank you Jenna.)
27. My freezer
28. Browned Butter Hawaiian Cookies. (if you want this recipe tell me and I will send it to you, for some reason I can't find my link)
29. TV: Modern Family. Pan Am. Once Upon A Time. Desperate Housewives. Happy Endings. Grey's Anatomy.
30. J.Crew Perfect Fit T's and Hanes White V-Necks
31. My Family's health. So grateful for this one this year.
32. Baggu Grocery Shopping Bags. The best ever.
33. Clarisonic Mia.
34. Sitting on the couch with Stuart at the end of a long day.
35. Traveling
36. Willing grandparents to babysit
37. My job
38. Stuart almost being done with Law School
39. Cooking
40. Prayer 

Also, I am thankful that every time my baby wakes up in the morning or from a nap-these are the sweet sounds I hear. I'm just so thankful he wakes up happy.

Quick Update

I posted several videos of Jack below but here are some picture updates for us as well!

We are off to Deming, NM for Thanksgiving and of course Jackson needed boots for the occasion.

We have recently discovered our tongue. We stick it out a lot.

We've also recently discovered that we are funny.

In a word? Love.

We love our shoes.

We love our books.

Scratch that, we REALLY love our books. And get REALLY mad if mommy is making dinner and does not read them to us immediately!!!

In another word? Love. Again.

Chick-Fil-A milkshakes. Where have you been all my life? For real.

We really REALLY love the swings.

Just one of several projects I have going. This little gem is going in Jack's room as soon as everything else I want to hang is here/ready. I don't want to go in there with the hammer more than once. No thank you.