Saturday Afternoon

I decided that I wanted a new nail polish because I was bored with my old ones, so, like any normal girl I tested the ones I might like on my nails. Stuart laughed at me because I looked like a five year old for the rest of our errands today (see picture). If you're interested I decided on the dark purple on my thumbnail :)


November 17th Is A BIG Day In Our Relationship

2 Years ago today Stuart and I started dating and 1 year ago today is the day Stuart proposed to me, so... here's a tribute :)

This is Stuart's favorite because you can see the gum in my mouth, I know, attractive!

He had his sister Kate and cousin Brit light hundreds of candles in his apartment along with setting 8 dozen roses in several vases. It was gorgeous and of course I cried my eyes out.


I've Been Tagged...

My friend Rachel tagged me after she'd been tagged for 2 things... so I got to pick one and I thought this would be easier than "7 Random Things About Myself" but now I'm not so sure! So here goes: The Eights.

Eight shows I like to watch:
1. Friends (I've seen every episode 5+ times and I still can’t get enough!!)
2. Seinfeld (Stuart has all the seasons on DVD… enough said)
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. The Office
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Anything on Food Network
7. Gossip Girl (Don’t judge me)
8. Private Practice

Eight Restaurants I like to eat at:
1. Zupas
2. Paradise Bakery
3. Cheesecake Factory
4. PF Changs
5. Café Rio
6. California Pizza Kitchen
7. Filiberto’s (Mesa, AZ)
8. In-N-Out

Eight things I've done today: (I wrote this part last night…)
1. Woke up at 7:30AM (I have no idea why this happened on a Saturday) and went to Einstein’s Bagels with Stuart
2. Went to the gym and climbed stairs for 45 minutes
3. Went to yoga at 10
4. Did laundry
5. Went grocery shopping
6. Cleaned my bathroom
7. Went through an Anthropologie catalog I received in the mail and wanted everything that I saw…
8. Went tanning for the first time since before my wedding (Once again, don’t judge me! My legs were starting to reflect light!)

Eight things I am looking forward to:
1. Thanksgiving! I’m so excited to go home to Mesa and see our families!
2. Stuart graduating in December from BYU
3. Stuart finding out about law school (I’d like to know where we’re moving!)
4. Going snowboarding this winter
5. Being a mom (No, I’m not pregnant)
6. Christmas music on the radio
7. Decorating the Christmas tree at my parents’ house the day after Thanksgiving… one of my favorite traditions
8. Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday (obviously these have been in no particular order)

Eight things on my wish list:
1. Travel Europe
2. Move home to Arizona eventually… I’ve had enough of UT weather!
3. Lay out on a Hawaii beach (I’ve never been)
4. Being in our own house so that I can paint the walls and actually start to decorate!
5. Never having to put my contacts in again… maybe someday I’ll get lasik
6. Some way to make sure that the Chicago Bears win every game… then maybe Stuart wouldn’t be slightly sullen when they don’t
7. Never having to wash my face again OR never feeling the need to wear make-up again… one of the two.
8. Michael Kors Watch (Maybe for Christmas ??)

Eight people I tag: (I'm sorry if you don't like being tagged, but it says 8 and that’s nearly everyone I know!)
1. Alisha W.
2. Andrea R.
3. Becky G.
4. Jenna R.
5. Jenna V.
6. Lauren S.
7. Liz G.
8. Sarah L.


Oh, How Far We've Come...

From 1st dance to half a year!

Ok, maybe the word "far" isn't the word I should use, but we've certainly hit a milestone! Stuart and I have been married 6 months today!! Here are some things that Stuart says he's learned:

1. Certain noises are not allowed around girls.
2. Kisses are the cure for everything.
3. Cleaning gets him extra points.
4. He never wins.
5. If kisses don't work flowers will.

It makes me sound like I have all these rules, but I really don't think that I do. Here are some things that I've learned:

1. I really can sleep a full night next to my husband. (It took me at least a month to finally get a full night's sleep without waking up 3 and 4 times.)
2. He's the only one who can make me feel better after a hard day.
3. I always look forward to Friday night date nights. Even if it is just getting frozen yogurt and going on a walk.
4. He's my best friend and my favorite person to hang out with.
5. 6 months is nothing... I can't wait for the next 50 years :)

Flowers really are the best.



Stuart was kind enough to accompany me to this...

And I seriously LOVED it... cheesy, yes, but LOVED it.

Don't judge me.