We're Rolling People

My baby has gone mobile. Gone are the days of leaving him in the center of my bed. I just love his face when he flips-so proud of himself.

*also, I am loving that my phone takes video.


Best Thing to Ever Happen to a Manicure

Gel Nail Polish. No lie, this is 8 day old nail polish. I haven't re-clear-coated it or anything. It's still perfect. They told me this should last 3 weeks... I'm a little skeptical of that time line, but in the meantime, I'm happy it lasted longer than 4 days without chipping!!!


New Year's Birthday

The New Year will always start with a birthday in our house. Happy Birthday Stuart! Monkey Bread started our day off followed by In-n-Out and then Steak and Potatoes. All of his favorite treats were made as well. We made Coconut Chex Mix, Hot Fudge Sauce over ice cream, and Rice Krispy Treats. All his favorites. Good thing my New Year's Resolutions don't start until the 7th after my birthday :) The night ended with his {tiny} sisters trying to take him down. He was obviously victorious, but had a few battle wounds. He's funny. Love him.


Christmas Activities

Apparently I like to play "catch-up" on this blog.

First, Merry Christmas! This was our Christmas card this year. Simple, but I'm pretty proud of it.

This baby is just our favorite and we can't get enough of him. (Neither can anyone else for that matter.) He did a lot of hanging out with his aunts that live in Utah and he really loves his uncle Blake. Also, smiles are finally being caught on camera. They make me melt every time. He really loves to "stand" up and loves to suck on his fist. Seriously, the entire thing.

Christmas time is not complete unless we 1. See the Scurrs. 2. Make the annual Christmas plate at "As You Wish" 3. Compete in the Annual Peterson Iron Chef Competition. (This year the secret ingredient was ginger and everyone made really yummy things. We all went into it thinking it would be so hard, but no one left hungry!) Good game, Kate and Adam. 4. Stuart playing video games on his break from school. Halo Reach is now a favorite of Mister's. Heaven help me.

J made his debut in theater as Baby Jesus twice this Christmas season. Once with me as Mary at the Relief Society Christmas Activity (the picture is blurry and I'm sad, but I forgot to take my camera off manual focus. Whoops.), and once in the Christmas Eve family Nativity play. He's quite the little actor. Stuart was a wise man.

He is very loved by his cousins-and I know these two will be best friends. His face looks scared, but I'm sure he loved it!

Most of the time you will find me feeding him. Glad it was caught with a picture. Of course, Christmas Eve Jammies and a picture by the tree. Next year will hopefully be better when I have pictures of him attacking wrapping paper.