4th Quarter 2012 Wrap Up

I have taken to blogging every 3 months it seems. Here's our last 3 months!

I took Jack's 2 year old pictures just a few days after he turned 2. Being the typical 2 year old he was not very cooperative and needed suckers and squirt bottles to be happy.

We finished out the AZ summer with: no more binkie! successfully climbing the "rock wall" at the park. feeding the ducks. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse during general conference. Playing with cousin Grant. and WAY too long of hair-shortly after this, he got a haircut.

October was a month of: playing neighborhood watch. Going to the zoo. Meeting new cousin, Claire. Discovering a new favorite book. My friend Lauren came to town.

Halloween Crafts. Pumpkin Patch. Carving pumpkins. Buzz Lightyear for Halloween.

I put together my sister's bridal shower at the beginning of November. Balloon themed.

The invitation I created for her bridal shower.

My sister Lauren got married the 17th of November.
More wedding. Jack asked a little girl to dance and it was sooo cute.
Thanksgiving seemed like a blur. Hence, the two photos I have of the affair. The top is of Jack waking up earlier than he's ever woken up in his life (7:15am).  I was planning on sleeping in while Stuart was out playing football with friends, but no such luck. Good thing he is so cute.
My brother, Blake, got married 2 weeks after my sister on December 1st. It was several weeks of weddings for us.
PREGNANT! We are having another boy due May 12th, but I suspect he will come earlier than that because Jackson did.

After Stuart took the bar this summer we got used to having him around 24/7 while he was job hunting. Well that came to an end this month. December 20th he started his job with a firm here in Mesa!! It has been the most difficult adjustment of my life, but I am starting to get accustomed to life without Stuart during the day. We are just extra happy when he gets home at dinner time.
More activities to keep the toddler busy. Painting. Learning to hit a baseball. Playing on the iPad-while crossing his legs. "Driving" tractors at the zoo.
CHRISTMAS! We adopted an elf this year and named him Patrick. Jack didn't really understand at first but he got used to hunting for him when he came downstairs every morning. We took him to see Santa-he was SO excited before he actually got up close. After that it was just fear. We had a fun play day with friends decorating Christmas Trees with candy. We picked out and decorated our real tree.
Temple Lights. Christmas Eve nativity program-Jack was a Wise Man. Christmas Eve Jammies.
Christmas morning. This year's haul: a flashlight. a strider bike. a train. a book. tractor and animals with a fence. clothes. a tent.
Family Christmas Picture.
My parents gave him a roller coaster. Yes you read that right. My house is now an official circus. He loves his bike. A little slow still right now, but he'll get there.

Christmas Card 2012

Ending Christmas break with movies on Mom & Dad's bed. Helping me "New Year" clean and going to the zoo. My mom came with us and fed the giraffes with him. He was so upset when his turn was all done.


Ashton + Brian said...

You guys have had a big year! Lots going on in your family! I check your blog every once and a while, and am always happy to see your new stuff :) Guess I could just call/text you...

Alisha said...

LOVE THIS!!! And Can't wait for next year when you have ANOTHER baby!! :) You're gorgeous. What a fun post. Love you and miss you!!